Swipe leverages RSA encryption to keep your website safe
You use swipe to manage access to all of your websites through our App!
Swipe makes it easy to add 2FA to your website without the hassle of remembering one time codes.
Log in and out from your website directly through the Swipe IOS or Android app with just 1 click!
Swipe lets you log in to your website in milliseconds and keeps a log of the communication.
Your account can be linked to a single or multiple trusted devices.

About Swipe

Swipe is mobile cryptography built on RSA public-key architecture, and is a tried-and-tested defence against communications being spied upon.

Security Matters

Swipe provides secure two-factor authentication for Wordpress websites leveraging RSA encryption.

  • No need to remember random passwords or one-time codes
  • Install and setup with just a few clicks
  • Advanced configuration and customization options

Amazing Features

Swipe was built to ease the burden of maintaining complex passwords for your website. Swipe provides comprehensive security keeing your login infomration protected.

User Friendly

Swipe was built to support all types of users with a simple and straighforward interface.

Super Fast Speed

Swipe lets you login to your website in milliseconds with just 1 click!

Awesome Support

Have a question? Need support? We are here to help!


We provide 100% secure service to your Website Login using Secure RSA Key.

Awesome Rating

Swipe have 5 Star rating on all of the Web and App Stores which makes it unique

Trusted Devices

Your website account can be linked to one or many trusted devices.

Take A Closer Look

With Swipe, authentication and login is an elegant, integrated part of your app experience. Go ahead, check it out!

Choose Your Plan

We offer a range of plans for all types of users. Need more help in deciding what is right for you? Contact our support team!

Basic Plan


  • Unlimited Logins
  • User Controls
  • Standard Support
  • One Device - One Site Access
  • Lifetime Access
Premium plan


  • Unlimited Logins and Users
  • User Controls
  • Premium Support
  • One Device - Multi Sites access
  • One Year's Worth of Updates
Business Plan


  • Unlimited Logins and Users
  • User Controls
  • Premium Support
  • Multi Devices - Multi Sites access
  • One Year's Worth of Updates

Logging in with Swipe

With Swipe authentication and login is an elegant, integrated part of your app experience

Download and open the app to your mobile phone

Go to the site and scan the swipe code

The two will automatically sync and you're logged in!

Download The App

If you have an Android or an iOS device, you can Download the Swipe login APP here

Users: Download the App

Admins: Download the Plugin

Help & Support

The Best Support

Found a bug? Need assistance? Just have a simple question? Want to request a feature?

We want to hear from you, so that we can make our products better and our documentation more thorough. Time and time again our customers tell us that they love Swipe, but what they never expected was the kind of support that we offer. This isn't an accident - We take a very intentional approach to every support request we receive.